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ChromeBook Sites

 Prodigy Math Moby Max   Number Sense
  1. Math Cats - Learn to say big numbers
  2. Virtual Manipulatives
  3. Shark Pool Place Value
  4. Cookie Dough Number Words
  5. Expanded Form Quiz
  1. Round Quiz - can you beat the clock?
  2. Half Court Rounding
  3. Check Your Answers
  4. Practice Rounding
  5. Number Line
  6. Khan Academy Rounding Lessons
  7. Learn Zillion Rounding Lessons
  8. Gizmos Rounding Number line
  1. Fruit Shoot Fractions
  2. How to Add Fractions
  3. Adding Fractions Race
  4. Mixed Fractions
  5. Equivalent Fractions
  6. Gamequarium Fractions
Math Facts
  1. Race with your friends
  3. Fact Sheet Factory
  4. Math Multiplication Magician
  5. 5 Minute Space Race Practice
  6. Online Multiplication Practice
  7. Skip Counting Practice
  8. Spooky Math Facts Game
  1. Solid Figures
  2. Tangrams Online Puzzle
  3. Tangram Story
Measurement & Data
  1. Everything You Want to Know About Area and Perimeter
  2. Funbrain Area and Perimeter
  3. Design a Party
  4. Making Graphs
  5. Reading Line Plots
Time     1.  Interactive Clock    2.  Time Games

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  1. Scholastic News
  2. Newsela              
  3. Front Row 
  4. Read Works   
  5. Skoolbo
  6. Whoo's Reading
  7. Spelling City
  8. 3rd Grade Language Arts Games
  9. Literacy Zone
  10. Grammar Blast
  11. Contractions Games
  12. Suffix and Prefix Machine
  13. Syllables Game
  14. Alphabetizing Game
  15. Homophones Game
  16. Reading Street Story Resources
  17. StarFall






Common Core Lessons and Test Practice

  Learn Zillion - a site for help and practice with the common core standards

 Smarter Balance Test Practice

Sample SBAC Test Questions

Khan Academy        FTRSPX