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Our Classroom

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Welcome to our classroom!
Room 19
Our library is filled with Accelerated Reader books.  We take a placement test for our AR level.  It's exciting to see how many levels we can go up by the end of the year.  We have quarterly goals, and if we meet our goals we get to go to an AR party!
Leveled Classroom Library
This is our student center where we place our finished work and get our student tools like: pencils, bookmarks, clipboards, erasers, staplers, tape, dry erase boards and markers.  You can also see our recess and PE equipment.
Student Supplies
Every week we have a timed multiplication test.  We fly our spaceships to the planet that represents the percentage we achieved on the test.  Our goal is to make it to the Sun, which is 100%.
At the back of the room the cupboards hold all our math tools.
Math Tools
Having a clean well organized work space helps us achieve success.  We keep all our papers in colored coded folders that stay in our pocket pal.  All our books stay inside our desk.
Student Desk